TRID: A Business Opportunity?

On October 3rd the new closing process and documents known as Know Before You Owe or “TRID” was implemented. These changes could make it harder for lenders to complete closings on time. But they might also present an opportunity for REALTORS® to add value from a Lenders’ perspective and to cement relationships. Read More…

Foreclosure Starts Have Biggest Rise In Four Years

Foreclosure starts were up 12% from the previous month in October 2015, according to real estate information company RealtyTrac’s U.S. Foreclosure Market Report. RealtyTrac says the October increase in foreclosure starts is not a surprise this year since it has also happened the last five Octobers. What is a surprise is how much of a […]

Underwater Homeowners Could Face Extra Tax Burden in 2014

Struggling homeowners could be hit with an unexpected tax bill in the new year. A law that spared people who owe more than their homes are worth from being saddled with extra taxes when their banks provide mortgage relief is expiring this week. Congress hasn’t extended it. Underwater homeowners often try to negotiate with their […]

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